Arnold Levine - Radio Concord, Dynamite 235

In this new episode I’m talking to Arnold Lavine from 1970’s station Radio Concord. We chat about how Concord started, and, 
how it went on to be the radical voice of the 1970’s counterculture in London. We also talk about his excellent book, “Banned by the BBC”, 
and finally what he has been doing since the end of Radio Concord. 

Creators and Guests

Mark Wakely
Founder and presenter of Pirates of the Airwaves podcast and the Land Based Pirate Radio of the 70's & 80's Facebook group, also founder of 1386 Audio podcast production company. Mark has been involved in radio in one form or another for over 40 years and has a Masters Degree in Audio production from BCU. Doing his first pirate radio show at 15 he could now be classed as a veteran of the medium.
Arnold Levine - Radio Concord, Dynamite 235
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